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Krug at The Grange Hampshire

News Published 01/08/2017 , words

For the 2017 Krug Festival, The Grange Hampshire invited Krug lovers to journey deep into the heart of Krug, food and music

The inspiration for this adventure into Krug’s universe was sparked by an encounter earlier that year with renowned chef Francis Mallmann at his lakeside cabin in the wilds of Patagonia.  In July, the Argentinian fire master returned the visit, bringing a touch of his Patagonian wilderness to the bucolic grounds of the Grange, an 18th Century country house nestled among the woods and meadows of Hampshire.

Using sand pits, trenches and dome-shaped frames, Mallmann and his team employed his dramatic open-fire-style cooking to smoke, roast and grill in an array of dishes.  Each one offered delectable pairing with one of the Krug Champagnes served during the festival: Krug Grande Cuvee Krug Rose and Krug 2002.

Krug worked with the music platform Mahogany to create a line-up of free-spirited artists with in various idyllic spots across the estate.  Performances by talented young musicians Jacob Banks, Jones and Ady Suleiman each created a captivating match with a different Krug Champagne and Francis Mallmann’s wild cuisine.  Guests were able to discover how the joy of savouring specially crafted Champagne while listening to a piece of music allowing them to travel down direct pathways to the emotions.

As the evening flowed from the house’s neo-classical colonnade to the contemporary theatre hidden behind a grand facade, guests were transported to Krug’s own refined wilderness somewhere at the crossroads of Champagne, food and music.