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Join us for a tour of the vineyard in 2022

News Published 09/02/2022 , words

Why not make 2022 the year for your first tour around The Grange vineyard?

If you would like to come and explore the vineyard, we have a number of events over the coming months where Zam Baring or Harry Pickering will lead you in a tour of the vineyard and then give you a taste of the award-winning Wines the vineyard produces. There are daytime tours and evening tours.

Daytime Tours:
Starting at 11am and finishing about 12.30pm

Limited to 12 people, these start with a 45-minute wander round the vineyard where our wonderful grapes are grown, followed by a 45-minute tasting of the wines on current release. To buy tickets click on one of the Daytime Tour dates on the website for:

Saturday 7th May

Monday 23rd May

Saturday 11th June

Monday 27th June

Saturday 2nd July

Monday 25th July

Saturday 6th August

Monday 29th August

Saturday 10th September

Monday 26th September

Saturday 1st October

Monday 17th October

Evening Tour with Canapes:
These tours take place in the evening (either at 5 or 6pm depending on the time of the year and ending around 2 hours later) with, again, a 45-minute wander round the vineyard followed by a relaxed, sunset tasting of our current releases. For up to 25 people, this tasting is made all the more fascinating by the addition of mouth-wateringly yummy canapés, created specifically to complement our wines, by The Grange’s own Becka Cooper. Choose one of the Sunset Tour dates to book on the website for:

Thur 12th May

Tue 7th June

Thur 21st June

Thur 7th July

Thur 8th September (start at 5pm due to the light)

Fri 16th September (start at 5pm due to the light)

To book go online https://www.thegrangewine.co.uk/vineyard/tours

The Grange, Burge’s Field Vineyard, Hampshire

Any questions please email Claire Hunt claire@thegrangehampshire.co.uk