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The Grange

Arriving at The Grange Hampshire is always a special experience

“this place is PURE magic”

Whether you’re attending an event or just here to explore the grounds, you’re likely to be approaching by car. And, as you come over the brow of the hill and see this splendid house, perched above a glittering lake with sweeping green lawns and mature trees all around it, you cannot help but be in awe.

Then, as you get closer, you notice that the soaring portico leads into a shabby-chic interior, where striking architecture is tempered by crumbling textures and everything isn’t quite what it first seemed. You’re intrigued. And you’re probably already thinking about all the wonderful things you could do with this place.

Explore what is possible at The Grange Hampshire

We thrive on working with people just like you

We love nothing more than being a part of creating exceptional experiences. The kind that transports guests to a different place, takes them back stronger and leaves a lasting impact on everyone involved.

We’re here to help you use what we have, to make something that would be hard to replicate anywhere else. We aim to do it with romance, ingenuity and pragmatism.

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What happens next is up to your imagination

Over the last 300 years, the The Grange has played host to everyone from Winston Churchill – who met with General Eisenhower in the former Picture Gallery – to Hollywood director Baz Luhrmann, who filled the entire main house with flowers.

We’ve entertained thousands of opera lovers, hundreds of wedding guests and some of the most forward-thinking companies in business today. Not one of these experiences has been the same as another. We look forward to working with you to find out where you’ll take us next.