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A wedding weekend at Abbotstone Farm House & The Grange

Although we are flexible, here’s an example of what a weekend wedding at Abbotstone Farm House and The Grange could look like


12.00 pm    Arrival, welcome and show round Abbotstone Farm House by The Grange Hampshire team

12.30 pm    Lunch in the Farm House

Relax, swim or play tennis

6.30 pm     Grange Hampshire sparkling fizz and canapes served in the Dining Hall at Abbotstone for you and your guests

7.30 pm     Dinner in Abbotstone provided by Becka

You and 15 guests stay overnight in the Farm House


8.45 am    Breakfast in the Farm House provided by Becka

10.00 am  Drive to The Grange to set up with your suppliers

1.00 pm   Picnic lunch delivered to The Grange for you and your family/friends provided by Becka

5.00 pm   Finish setting up and drive back to Abbotstone Farm House for family supper around the dining table


8.30 am    Delicious breakfast provided by Becka

9.30 am    Hair and make up arrive

Final touches at The Grange

2.00 pm    Marriage ceremony on the Portico at The Grange

3.00 pm    Fizz and canapes on the lawn

5.00 pm    Dinner in The Grange

7.30 pm    Dance the night away

Collapse into bed at Abbotstone Farm House


10.00 am    Brunch on the lawn at Abbotstone Farm House

Relax with your family and friends : swim, play tennis, go for a walk

1.00 pm     Meet your suppliers at The Grange so they can take away their gear

4.00 pm     Afternoon tea, served by Becka, under the Portico at The Grange

6.00 pm     Walk back to Abbotstone

Either stay another night at Abbotstone or head home